Mitchell Moriber, DO
Mitchell Moriber, DO
Medical Director
Mitchell R Moriber, DO

Mitchell R Moriber, DO, has been active on the ACEP Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee participating on various Objective Subcommittees as Lead
or participant in the development of various objective papers. He is Past-Secretary of the Disaster Section of American College of Emergency Physicians
and continues to contribute articles to the Disaster Section Newsletter. He is a member of the ACEP Biosecurity Niche. He is a member of the Texas College of
Emergency Physicians EMS and Government Relations Committees. He is Medical Director for numerous Public Safety Agencies in West Texas and has
been Medical Director for the designated trauma systems of Abilene Regional Medical Center where he facilitated the attainment of Level 3 designation,
Christus Spohn Hospitals of Alice and Kleberg, and Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital Trauma Center. He served on the Texas Disaster Medical System
Steering Committee and served on the Mass Fatality Management and High Consequence Infectious Disease Subcommittees. He has served on the Texas
Emergency Medical Task Force since its inception and has been consultant to the Emergency Medical Task Force Medical Directors Committee. He is a past
member of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee and the EMS Medical Directors Committee of the Texas Governors’ EMS and Trauma
Advisory Council, contributing numerous position statements during his tenure. Since 2010 he has had particular interest in catastrophic biologic events and
community resilience speaking on topics of Community Resilience, Pandemic Mitigation, and Bioterror to local, State, and national organizations. He
represented ACEP at the CDC discussion group ‘Clinical Management of Botulism’ and ‘Crimson Contagion’. He is Founder and Chairman of the
Catastrophic Guidelines and Triage Committee previously affiliated with the Texas Governors’ EMS and Trauma Advisory Council and the Texas
Department of State Health Services. He is Chairman of the Taylor County Texas Local Emergency Planning Committee. In 2019 he received the
Governors’ EMS and Trauma Advisory Council’s Journey of Excellence Award for Outstanding Dedication to the Texas Emergency Healthcare System.

Chairman, Catastrophic Guidelines and Triage Committee
Chairman, Taylor County Local Emergency Planning Committee
Medical Director, EMS/Fire/Education
Disaster Section, ACEP
Disaster Preparedness And Response Committee, ACEP
EMS High Threat Emergency Care/Casualty Care Subcommittee
Legislative Affairs Lead, ACEP
Bio-security Niche, Disaster Section, ACEP
Texas Disaster Nedical System Steering Committee, DSHS
High Consequence Infectious Disease Work-group, TDMS

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